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  • Over 60,000+ Companies  - For 10+ years, Lead411 has been tracking the technologies a company is using including Salesforce.  You can purchase just the company list or with contacts (see below)
  • Contact Direct Phone Numbers and Emails - Our lists and subscriptions include double verified direct dials and verified emails using SMTP and Open Intelligence/validation.
  • Some Examples - Pizza Hut, Western Union, L'Oreal, Schneider Electric, Philips, Coca-Cola Germany, ADP, Aston Martin, GE, Dunkin's, 2U, 8x8, AAMCO, Cupertino Electric, FedEx, Delta Airlines, etc.
  • Into Account Based Marketing? We have you covered! Search Accurate B2B Company Data including location, size, industry, technographics, job openings, etc. Create your own marketing list or export to your preferred SaaS.
  • Need to find live data on contacts as you view Linkedin Profiles? No problem, we have a Google Chrome Extension just for you.

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A Few Words from Real Users Via G2Crowd and Capterra


"Lead411 is the first company that I've worked with that gives you unlimited access to data and email addresses.... What I'm most impressed with is the quality of email addresses.

Throughout my career, I've not enjoyed average bounce rates of 25+% and open rates of less than 5%. With Lead411's "verified emails" we've been enjoying 30+% open rates and bounce rates that are less than 5%."

Jason G. - Executive Vice President, Client Services - Alchemy Seven Marketing

Easy to Use

"Lead411 is one of the easiest databases to use. I also love that I can search within each individual company for specific job titles by entering in whatever word (or partial word, even), to find the type of role in the company I'm looking for.... I use Lead411 on a daily basis, and am reliant on it to do my job effectively, and efficiently."

Shannyn M. - New Business Development - CompetiBid


"I build prospecting lists, find KDM, create SF accounts with a click of a button - the productivity gains are immense.

The integration into salesforce is flawless and variable. I navigate to a website and if the company is in the Lead411 database it will ask if I would like to create a SF account. Lead411 will search my SF accounts and will only create a new account if there isn't one there. Building lists is easy, verifying KDM is easy and it also has MOBILE numbers which is awesome for the aggressive salesman. I highly recommend this affordable product."

Joe E. - Senior Regional Sales Manager 

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