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Datafox Alternative? See Lead411's Automated Triggers

Lead411's new product automates sales trigger prospecting. You tell us your Ideal Customer and we will send you daily lists of Contacts, Emails and Direct Dials for:

  • Companies with overall high growth rates and spend in specific departments (e.g. sales, engineering, etc)
  • Contacts who were just hired in the past month.
  • Companies with new job openings in the departments you target.

*Results are directly from customers who compared both the Lead411 platform and the Datafox platform via G2Crowd

I have been using Lead411 for many years now and it gives me up to date information that i would not be able to find from any competitors.

John Brennan 
Fiber Team ~ AT&T

Lead411 exceeds any expectations I had for generating Qualified Leads and to bring traction to my startup. The quality of the information is great, it is up to date, etc

Aviv Ben-Zeev  
Business Development Leader

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