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Lead411 provides real leads using sales triggers, mined job openings and predictive marketing. A comparable solution now that is no longer.  Check out a Demo of our solution today!

Buyer Intent Trigger Key Stat:

Customers that send an email to prospects in New Roles (changed jobs in the last 4 months) have a 72% higher chance of getting their email opened than sending to non-new role prospects.


Save Time with Verified Data

No more wasting valuable time trying to find qualified prospects.  We give you the tools to reach out with a timely message to contacts within your criteria. 

Best SaaS/Software Dataset Ever Built

Complete data with intelligent growth triggers, competition info, IT stack data and much more, all in an easy-to-use platform.

Intelligent Marketing Triggers

Timely growth indicators including newly hired decision makers, funding and IPO data, hiring and expansion plans and more...

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