Get Sales Intelligence Data Now!  Lead411 Google Chrome Extension

  • View Sales Intel on Decision Makers in Linkedin, Company Websites and More, when using Google Chrome.
  • ​Export the Data - Integrates with over 30+ CRM/SaaS Platforms
  • View Current Job Openings and Tech Stacks
  • View Recent News and Sales Triggers

         "It's Rapportive times 10!"                           Sean Washington                            Sales Director - Flex IT

Steven Jacobson Salesforce ISV Entrepreneur ~ Scorm Anywhere LLC

Really Slick Platform to Crank up your Outbound Leads

”Their Chrome extension integrates with Salesforce! works awesome so i cut down our data entry by at least 3 or 4 minutes per contact! saving selling time!”

The Info we Need to Build Strong Rapport with each Customer

“Our entire sales team immediately found the Lead411 integrated Gmail feature to be a fantastic resource. We get the info we need to build strong rapport with each customer by personalizing our messages with insights we gain right from our inbox.   And with the ability to pull that info directly into our CRM solution, it makes capturing and following up with every new opportunity incredibly simple.”

          Matt Debusk                                  VP of Sales                           Pipeline Deals           

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