Want to be a Sales Superhero? Use These SaaS Sales Tools!

If you are a Sales Professional, you know there are thousands of tools available to help make your job easier.  Sometimes it is tough to find the right tools, at the right price, with time saving technology.  We have collected a list of the best SaaS tools that are cost effective, easily adaptable and help save you time, to make your job easier, and make you into the ultimate sales superhero! 

Check out the list below:


Lead411 has some really cool technology surrounding their large prospect database.  The real time savers here are the ability to filter by technology used, or find prospects using their trigger function to find recently funded companies, companies that are hiring, expanding locations and more.  It is also really affordable, making it a much more budget friendly option over zoominfo, discoverorg or linkedin sales navigator.  They also have a chrome extension that is helpful to find data as you search various websites.

*Superpower:  The Sales intelligence triggers can really take your prospecting efforts to the next level - Can also send email/SMS messages directly from the platform


A customer engagement tool that has evolved over the years to include some useful technology.  You can build cadences that include prompts communication via email, phone call, or even a linkedin message or direct mail piece.  Similar to infusionsoft but more price effective, SalesLoft is a good option when you fear that quality leads are falling through the cracks.

*Superpower: Great customer service will help you get a cadence up in no time.

Streak CRM

If you already have mastered the goliath that is Salesforce, the odds of changing CRM's for you may be slim, but if you use gmail as your email client and haven't settled on a CRM solutions, Streak CRM may be the coolest and most user friendly option out there.  It is flexible and easy to understand, and you can track your prospects as you talk with them.  

*Superpower: If you use gmail, no need to login to a different CRM to manage your communications.  This is the way to go if you want to focus on sales and not "sales documentation".


Although most of these tools on the list focus on prospect development, engagement, and lead management, this tool focuses on the one of the most important departments in any organization.  The inside sales process.  With integrated VoIP and email syncing, its easy for sales teams to stay on top of opportunities.  

*Superpower:  Visibility for the entire sales team, so nothing falls through and upselling opportunities are at the forefront of the sales process.


Cold emailing is never easy.  The responses can be brutal, the engagement can be slim, and the effort can seem daunting.  Not with MailShake.  Another tool that requires a gmail account, but if you use gmail you can track opens, responses, clicks and more.  The best part, they help with the content, so you don't have to be an expert in outbound lead generation to create a campaign that merits positive responses.

*Superpower: You can schedule follow-ups from clicks and engagement, making this simple tool compelling enough to create campaign-like sequences in an easy-to-use gmail interface.

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Jeremy Unruh

About the Author

Jeremy is a Marketing Guy with 15+ years experience with setting up campaigns, finding ways to save money using tools that are both effective and affordable.  Working for Small to Mid-Sized companies means knowing how to stretch a budget while getting the best ROI possible. ​

Superpower: Always on hunt for growth hacks and ways quickly fill the pipeline with qualified prospects.